Artists Use Art and Stories To Shine a Light On Domestic Violence

Gregory Burrus
4 min readDec 18, 2021

Trinity Presbyterian Church of Montclair recently presented a virtual art exhibit called Behind Closed Doors Part 2: Reflections of Domestic Violence. This project was curated by Deacon Cathleen McCoy Bristol and a huge thanks goes out to her for bringing everyone together. Raising awareness on domestic violence is alway a touchy subject even amongst friends and family so shining a light on a subject that occurs behind closed doors is very much needed in today’s society.

By shining a light on the subject of domestic violence, the goal is to help those in these situations and others, recognize the signs of abuse, how to respond respectfully, and identify a few resources to use. An individual’s safety should be everyone’s number one priority and this project is about moving folks to action and then moving the survivors on a path from crisis to safety, to stability and then into self-sufficiency.

What I loved about this Behind Closed Door Exhibit on Domestic Violence is that these artists expressed great creativity in the various ways they use their art as tools to mentally and physically help those who may currently be under the oppression of an abuser.

The exhibiting artists include:Trinity Member) Simone Bailey Campbell, Anne Dushanko Dobek, Nette Forne Thomas, Mansa K. Mussa and Ron EA Powell. Finally an insightful Clinical presentation was also given by Kathlyn Battle, MSW, LCSW.

Everyone deserves healthy relationships and each artist displays their art and relates their story and describes their art and how it relates to the various stages of Domestic Violence. We open with the project supporters and sponsors committed to helping solve the problems of domestic violence.

Rev. Dr. Anita Wright, Pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church provided the Welcome Message. Pastor can be reached at Trinity Presbyterian Church or at

Family Support Organization of Essex County provided the Greeting — Their mission is to provide peer support, education and advocacy for parents at all stages so that children and families can thrive.

The artists came together one morning under the direction of the event curator Cathleen McCoy Bristol, an artist herself, and volunteered their time for this very important subject.

Cathleen McCoy Bristol, Curator introduces Domestic Violence Behind Closed Doors Artists

The Artists, Their Art, Their Story

As you will see when they relate the story of their art you will also see that they are very committed to helping those in need.

Simone Bailey Campbell, Artist. Domestic Violence Behind Closed Doors and

Anne Dushanko Dobek, Artist Domestic Violence Behind Closed Doors,

Nette’ Forne- Domestic Violence Behind Closed Doors

Mansa K. Mussa, Artist — Domestic Violence Behind Closed Doors, 973–669–4729,

Ron E.A. Powell, Artist — Domestic Violence Behind Closed Doors

Cathleen McCoy Bristol, Artist, Domestic Violence Behind Closed Doors

Kathlyn Battle, MSW, LCSW Kathlyn Battle, LCSW

View and share with all

Domestic Violence Behind Closed Doors

Since you never know what goes on Behind Closed Doors, please share this all inclusive, important and powerful artist exhibition. This video contains all the stories of Behind Closed Doors — Domestic Violence Project Part 2

Big Thank you to Curator Cathleen McCoy Bristol, Trinity Presbyterian Church Montclair, Deacon Deidra McLaughlin and the Sponsor

The Family Support Organization of Essex County, NJ.

Please recognize the symbol for help.

This is a very serious subject and I am very sad this occurs however I was glad that Gregory Burrus Productions Videography was instrumental in helping get the word out through Art and Story.

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